While the hardships seem to continue and the COVID-19 crisis does not seem to end, we have continued making steady progress in the development of the protocol.

I have been on the side-lines for the past month, only serving as the main adviser, with the other core developers carrying on the implementation forward. This has mainly been because I had to move house again, but this is over. I have successfully managed to secure a place last week.

Development status

While the development process has been slower without my active collaboration, we seem to have solved many important issues during this time.

There are not many modules left to build before the network can become operational. Most of the mempool and state storage modules are working, only with the network layer missing many important parts.

We are now focusing on the chain-sync logic which is the main blocker of an operational network.

Next steps

Once all blockers have been eliminated, we hope to have a bare public network running and to begin focusing on usability elements i.e. the wallet interface and compiler support.

All of these should happen in the next months, if there are no more roadblocks from now on. While the development process seems excruciatingly slow, I am very proud of what we have managed to achieve so far with virtually 0 resources.


While the development of the protocol has slowed since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, it has not halted. We are making steady progress, although at a much smaller pace, and the way ahead seems clear.

I would like to personally thank every person in the community that has been with us during these times and who believe in what we do.

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