This month’s update is about the beginning of performing network tests on Purple Core. I have been working all summer on getting the chain module right and then took a much needed break at the end of August.

Network tests

While Purple Core is far (but not incredibly far) away from being run on a public test-net, it is in a good enough shape already to begin preliminary network testing. For this reason, since the beginning of september we used a bit of the money raised by donations to rent a few servers for testing the code on a network.

Since then I have been focusing on writing the network logic and also began writing specs for this part of the protocol.

There is nothing especially interesting happening at this point since we are still implementing the bare peer-to-peer networking logic i.e. peers connecting to each other and sending packets.

But we are advancing fast and might soon have something that can be tested on a larger network.

The core development team is expanding

There are now 4 developers who are actively contributing to or advising the development of Purple Core and we expect more people to join as the network tests progress. It has been hard until now but the light at the end of the tunnel seems nearer and nearer.


This month’s development update is a short and late one. But good things are coming and the development of Purple Core is progressing further. With network tests underway, this is the first step towards the launch of Purple Core.

Join us

If you believe that you can contribute to the development of the Purple Protocol, we encourage you to contact us! You can do so on our discord or telegram channels.

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