Purple - The Modern Open Blockchain Protocol

Purple has a theoretical throughput of thousands of transactions per second, making it capable of handling mass usage. It provides a safe architecture for creating tokens with any kind of utility, security tokens and smart contracts.

Goodbye fraud.

Create fraudless financial instruments backed by the most powerful blockchain infrastructure that exists.

Meet blockchain.

Leverage powerful functionality to change the world for the better.

What it brings to the table

Corruption-free organizations.

With blockchain as the backbone of your organization, you can rest assured that it’s funds are properly used to make the world better.

Start your own crowdfunding project.

Issue your own custom token that you can sell to early investors, without writing a single line of code.

Issue self-enforcing contracts.

By using blockchain to automatically enforce contracts, you can rest assured that every party involved will be satisfied. Say goodbye to all the red tape.

Monitor supply chains & pay suppliers.

Trace products from their sources all the way to the consumers and prove to them that you are reliable and transparent.

Why learn a new programming language?

Purple allows you to build decentralized applications in your favorite one. Nothing can stop you now.

Supported programming languages include: