Purple - A Modern Platform for Decentralized Applications and Tokenized Assets

Purple is an experimental blockchain protocol that has been built from scratch with the main purpose of solving the scalability problem in current decentralized blockchain systems. Its aim is to provide a transaction speed similar to the centralized system VISA which can in peak times achieve up to 50.000 transactions per second, but in a decentralized setting.

Goodbye fraud

Create fraudless financial instruments backed by the most powerful blockchain infrastructure that exists. By using Purple as the back-end of your applications, you can have safety and performance.

Meet the Purple Blockchain

Developing decentralized applications has never been easier with compilation support for commonly known programming languages such as Java, Rust or C#.

What can I do with it?

Create your own currency

Issue your own custom digital token that you can sell to early investors, distribute to customers, or exchange it with other currencies listed in the Purple ledger, all without writing a single line of code.

Monitor supply chains & pay suppliers

Trace products from their sources all the way to the consumers and prove to them that you are reliable and transparent.

Why learn a new programming language?

Purple allows you to build decentralized applications in your favorite one. Nothing can stop you now.

Supported programming languages include: